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Imaginary Realities is a journal focusing on text-based gaming, from mudding and roguelikes, to interactive fiction and beyond.

Our goal is to publish issues every couple of months, where we collect together relevant articles written by people from the community, for the enjoyment and education of other people in the community.

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What Do I Do Now

Most MUDs immediately confront a new player with permanent choices like their race and class, as soon as they create their character. This might be followed by a short tutorial, after which the player is left on their own to scratch their head. But there is a better way..

From time to time I'll try out new MUDs, yet after a short while I often find myself wondering “What do I do now?” —  and that's usually the point at which I start feeling bored or frustrated, and quit. I've also had newbies on my own MUD ask that very same question, and when answers weren't forthcoming they'd frequently quit as well.
Richard KaVir Woolcock
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