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And another issue of Imaginary Realities is done!

DO NOT WORRY — we are keeping the ball rolling. Or the balls are still in the air. Certainly one or the other is happening. This is definitely not a fly by night operation, and the first issue was not a chance sighting.

The point is that while Pinkfish was sometimes able to churn out an issue a month back in the day, we however, are doing things a little differently. Our submission period is around a month, or a little more. Then the editors need to find time to collaborate with the authors to get the articles into a form both parties are happy with. Meanwhile I twiddle my thumbs sitting that one out, as I do not have the fancy book learnin' required. But once they are done, web pages are made out of the Google Docs documents, and from there the web site, e-books and Robert is your Father's brother. With the help of a text editor, and Calibre.

TLDR — We are working hard and the issues are done when they are done. So if there is anyone out there that is looking forward to new issues, keep a stiff upper lip.

If you are humming and hawing over whether you should get in touch and offer to write an article, hesitate no longer. Almost all of the interested authors we had lined up for the first issue vanished in a puff of smoke. There was a period of time when I was wondering if we would have enough articles to make up an issue. Heaven forbid, you almost had an article from me to read. On that note, I give you with my unverified opinion that it is possible to continue watching cat-sploitation videos on the You tubes at the same time as you pop over to our request for content.

We are also on the Twitter now. If you wish to follow us and... well, to be honest I have no idea as I have never really used it. But I can tell you there will be these tweet things announcing when we release new issues and soliciting articles. The following button will take you to our cubicle in the magical place known as Twitter, where you can see the announcements, which the Twitter staff will later sell on for the use of to other commercial interests. Enjoy!

And then there is our subreddit, where we currently have our official discussions. Feel free to start posting about interesting parts of articles that tickle your fancy, or even posting links to where discussion is taking place elsewhere.

Thanks for reading! Submit an article already! And stop participating in the cat-sploitation!

Richard Tew

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