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Managing Editor
Richard Tew
Richard Tew has worked on one Stackless Python mudlib and two LP mudlibs, as well as a telnet-based multiplayer roguelike.
Matthew Sheahan (Chaos)
Chaos has been lead developer of Lost Souls since 1998. He curates MUDseek and has published an LPC implementation of A* search as open source. In real life, he is a Web software architect.
Associate Editor
Richard Woolcock (KaVir)
KaVir is the owner of God Wars II and developer of the GodWars and Gladiator Pits codebases. He has also written several MUD-related snippets and articles, and is an auditor for The Mud Connector.
Jennifer Melchert (jenphalian)
jenphalian is a literary assistant for a New York Times bestselling author and one-time first reader for a Hugo-nominated literary magazine.
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