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Would you like to write an article for the next issue of Imaginary Realities?

Text-based gaming related articles are currently accepted on these topics:

  • Browser games
  • Gamebooks
  • Interactive fiction
  • MUDs
  • Roguelikes

Articles should not have been previously published. If they have been previously published, they should be substantially revised to be made current, perhaps to address a changing situation, or even a changed viewpoint. Fiction will be accepted, as long as its relationship to the above topics can be determined by a reader.


In the past, Imaginary Realities has featured a “Letters” section. If you have something you would like to write (perhaps to address past articles, or for whatever reason), please send it and we may publish it, if it is suitable.

Content Ideas

If you have an idea for content you would like to see, please let us know, and maybe we can solicit someone to write about it.


Contributed content is required to be licensed by you under the CC BY SA NC license.

Contact Information

Please contact Richard Tew ( for approval before proceeding to write an article, to ensure that your intended subject is suitable.

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